Tuesday, February 24

Life update

Hello long time no post! I'm not at all sorry for not writing a new post, I really needed some time off. I needed to find my voice again, I lost a senses of myself be a " blogger" everyone's lives looks so great from the outside looking in. I'm going to be 100% real with you, I didn't think I had anything to offer. Who wants my take on life and style? who wants to read my point of view? and who wants to see my wishlist? who this and who that, but then it came to me who cares! my voice is mine no one in this whole world is like me and i'm not like anyone else. I'm going to start where I can and I'll get better, I'll find my strengths instead of all my weakness. I want to create a places I can be 100% Miloveda no one else.  Here's to new begins and hopefully new changes and fun post to come.

P.s.  I changed the name of my blog again! I think it suites my coming of age and a life and style blog better so welcome to "Live Accordingly"  I will be doing a post about the name change later and I will also be re branding so please bare with me. Its a lot to take on..

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