Wednesday, March 12

Truth & A little goth?

black shirt/ cotton on (better), faux leather vest/ urban outfitters (similar),pants/ forever 21 (better)
shoes/ pacsun (better ),necklace diy/charlotte russe ( better and on sale)

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for the lack of post these past weeks. But I'll be honest I've been doubting myself lately and this blog is one of those thing's that I've been doubting/nit-picking big time. Like everyone else out there I'm my own worst criticize and this blog has become an idea that I have been criticizing more then every lately. Don't get me wrong I love blogging, but I have alot of great idea's in mind for this blog, I have better post ideas, link up's to join, collaborations in mind. Lets just say I have ideas coming out of my ears, this blog has turned into my baby and I want to make "LA" better and put out really great work. And that's why I haven't been around much I feel like what I'm putting out just isn't good enough, but that's about to change so if you can bear with me and all my craziness. I'm really trying to create a blog and a life that I'll be proud of. So this blog and my life to reflect all these changes. Are you excited, I know I'm!

Ok so here is the best part of the post my outfit. Like I said I'm finding style this year and its starting to take shape hints this little post, ok first thing first my name is Miloveda and I'm in love with the color black! their's is a small part of me who's a goth..yes you heard right goth! and I had to let the her come out and this is the outfit she picked. So here you go my take on being a goth...#gothrealness right? what do you guys think?