Saturday, January 4

New Goals & A Name Change


Welcome to Live Accordingly! Yes I said Live Accordingly I changed the name of this blog because I felt blocked in like I had to live up to the name Style Outlaw and I wanted to give my self room to change, grow and I feel like I have the name that will let me do all of that. This blog is a places where I want share everything. From life, style and everything in between. A couple days ago I was reading Chelsea and the city's 101 in 1,001 to do list and felt really inspired to create my own. So this year I really want  to work on improving my outlook and really work hard to make some much needed improvements in my life. So lets get into this list!

             101 in 1,001 Goal list
1. Create my 101 goal list.  ( 01/07/2014)
2. Work on a new blog design.
3. Invest in a better camera & tripod.
4. Work on better graphics.
5. Start the " Style a color series"
6. Start the 30 x 30 closet remix challenge.
7. Use social media more!
8. Start collaborating with other bloggers.
9. Make blogger & youtube friends.
10. Clean out closet! ( a full over haul (make better investments) quantity over quality)
11. Room makeover! ( fresh start)
12. Read more books.
13. Be more grateful.
14. laugh more (enjoy the small stuff)
15. Define what success means to me.
16. Learn to accept the process.
17. Be more open to everything.
18. Expand my musical taste.
19. Learn more about myself.
20. Get more sleep.
21. Get in shape ( start yoga & running)
22. Make a Facebook page!
23. Learn to really live Accordingly.
24. Go on another detox.
25. Work on more blogger spotlights.
26. Buy & Learn to ride a penny board.
27. Define my personal style.
28. Grow& Create more this year in every way possible.
29. Take a road trip.
30. Get a stoplight on a blog I love.
31. Cook alot more.
32. Make 15 pinterest recipes.
33. Get a tattoo!!
34. Buy the DVD of all my favorite movies and TV shows. 
35. Take someone to dinner.
36. Write a Thank you letter to my family ( When I move out)
37. Take more pictures.
38. Fall in love with my life.
39. Meet an online friend in real life!
40. Get out more.
41. Get a license.
42. Buy a car.
43. Never give up on my dreams ( Dream Bigger!)
44. Find my passion and run with it!
45. Feel more!
46. Thank God more! ( for my blessings and not my problems)
47. Invest in a great bra!!
48. Save more money!!!
49. Learn to say No.
50. Work on my handwriting & Send more letters. 
51. Watch more classic films.
52. Go to a festival! 
53. Visit Texas.
54. Be a better vegan!
55. Go to a museum.
56. Find my signature color.
57. Find my signature magazine. 
58. Find a theme song for this year.
59. Move to a new state & city. 
60. Always buy fresh flowers for my room.
61. Spend more time getting to know you guys!
62. Work on businesses cards.
63. Attend a blogging conference! 
64. Go camping.
65. Learn to be more patient.
66. Work on my inspiration diaries.
67. Create more DIY'S.
68. Take more notes from menswear. 
69. Throw a friend a birthday party.
70. Go to a concert.
71. Take a dance lesson.
72. Speak my mind more. 
73. Adopt a Pit bull.
74. Have an amazing birthday. 
75. Drink more water.
76. Work on my skin care.
77. Play around with make up.
78. Invest in a mac book.
79. Buy nice sheets.
80. Help someone in needed.
81. Buy the perfect flare jeans. 
82. Buy more organic.
83. Better time management. 
84. Go thrifting more!
89. Learn to shop smarter.
90. Start a beauty routine. 
91. Invest in a pair of hunter rain boots.
92. Sent out Happy Birthday cards with really nice gifts.
93. Say " I love you" more.
94. Learn to style my body type ( Rectangle/Boyish) March 13,2014
95. Be happy more!
96. Refine my hair care routine.
97. Learn to shop for different seasons. ( Its hard because I live in Florida!)
98. Ask more questions.
99. Ask for Help when needed.
100. Work harder (to make my dreams come true!!) 
101. Inspire someone to make their own list (email me so I can check it out!)

So the list is out and its time for me to start work on these goals of mine!! so what are you goals for this year? and feel free to tell me what you want to see more of & what you think of the name change.

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  1. Hello,
    I just actually created my own 101 in 1,001 list. I love #91 on your list!! I wish you success on completing your list!!
    With Love from Texas
    -Maya Corbyn


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