Monday, January 13

30 X 30 closet remix challenge ( Day 1)

Yellow shirt/ thifted Ralph Lauren (classic white shirt), Camo shirt /cotton on (old),(similar)
Pants/ Forever 21 (want), Shoes /Pacsun (old),( Better pair!)

Hey guys! I'm so happy to be posting a style look again, I haven't posted one of these in forever. Mainly because I have been so uninspired with my closet lately, So whats does a girl do in this situation? well I got on tumblr and pinterest for my inspiration fix's. And after an hour of strolling through both sites and finally seeing the light, I ran to my closet and picked out all my favorite pieces and told myself I had to do the 30 x 30 closet remix challenge to get myself out of this uninspired funk that I've fallen into. And this is the first outfit I came up with! I know its looks simple but that's what makes this outfit so great. It has just a touch of menswear with the camo top and the loose bit fitted pants. In my last post I talked about my love of menswear and how women who dress with classic masculine touches just ooze sex appeal and I have to say this was probably the most comfortable outfit I've ever worn. I felt so effortless and cool with just a hint sexiness all at the same time. I'm glad I picked this outfit to start off the challenge, I also excited to see what other outfits I can come up with!! I can't wait to share more with you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this this post, until next time.


  1. Hi Mel,

    I just came across your blog and I absolutely love to, I can't wait for future posts!!
    With Love from Texas,
    Maya Corbyn

  2. So glad you found your inspiration again!

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    God bless,


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