Wednesday, July 17

A shirt as a dress?

shirt: cotton on (similar in jacket form)| dress: thrift store ( similar)| belt: target (similar)| boots: target (similar)| necklace & earrings : thrift store & charlotte russe

Hey! lets face it I'm short! How short you ask? about '5'0 but I lie and say that  I'm '5'1. Whats the  difference you ask? it's not a big difference at all I just really like the sound of '5'1 better. If your going to lie, Lie about your age, your height, and your weight (well ask any woman).  the truth is all short women  secretly wish they were taller.  I would be lying is I said that I love being short all the time, It's a pain when you can't see above others and sometime people think I'm a kid but the truth is if I was taller I wouldn't be able to wear my shirt as dress like I'm doing here. Don't worry guys I'm wearing a dress underneath lol, I'm short not crazy and even though I'm short I still feel really uncomfortable out in public if my clothes are too short, Is that just me? But let me ask this question is your could change your height would you? I don't think I would now but five years ago I would have.


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