Wednesday, May 15


hat: cotton on similar|vest:similar (I also love this one similar)| top: similar| dress worn as a skirt similar| boots:similar|earrings & necklace & belt: thrift store and  charlotte russe

Hi guys I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday but I will be posting again today!! I'm always happy to post lol. I hope that didn't come of as conceited lol but I love sharing and this blog helps me to get everything out. so lets get into this post! I personally love this outfit because it a little menswear mixed with a little miloveda wear. (by the way it's a style). So why is it a little menswear you ask? well I'm wearing is a little boys shirt yes! a little boys shirt (guess I should be glad that I'm kinda flat chested lol) and the skirt is actually a dress. I find this dress really hard to style it because it's kinda of a weird length so I hardly wear it, so I thought it would be a great time to break her out since it was really hot out and when I don't know what to wear in these hot and sticky Florida weather I throw on a dress. what do you guys wear when it get way too hot??

p.s.Can you tell that this shirt is my favorite?? I'm kinda in love with it, I'm (lol)ing at all these silly faces I'm making in these pictures idk what I was thinking about lol.


  1. your shirt is really cute, i can see why its your favorite!

    Delightful Ideas

    1. Thank you Lala! and its one of my favorite thrift store finds.

  2. Th length of your dress is awesome and I love how you are wearing a shirt from the boys' section. I do that too sometimes haha. You always have the best laid-back cool look, I LOVE IT!


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