Wednesday, May 22

Floral Party

hat: cotton on (similar)|shirt: thrift store (similar)| dress:gift:wore as a skirt (similar)|belt: thrift store| booties: target (similar)

Hi guys, If your anything like me then your in love with warm weather, blue sky, and fresh air, growing up in  Florida I'm to use to hot and humid days and sticky nights. but  I'm thankful for days like today cool with a nice breezy it was just to beautiful outside so whats a girl to do? well I throw on my favorite floral outfit and paraded around taking pictures and drinking cold lemon water with my best friend lol. In my mind sometimes  the best way to wear floral is to add more floral and that's exactly what I did. if you been reading my blog for a while now you know I have a really unhealthy love for floral. I think it's because I love the 90's so much and in my mind the 90's was revolutionary right? what do you think?. I mean style or should I say personal style back then was amazing right?? So anytime I see anything floral I have to have it lol so why not throw on some floral and have a party!

What do you think about my 90's floral party and how would you have styled this look??
 p.s. I did use that necklace as a belt lol ( I'm just too cool for school )

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