Wednesday, May 22

Floral Party

hat: cotton on (similar)|shirt: thrift store (similar)| dress:gift:wore as a skirt (similar)|belt: thrift store| booties: target (similar)

Hi guys, If your anything like me then your in love with warm weather, blue sky, and fresh air, growing up in  Florida I'm to use to hot and humid days and sticky nights. but  I'm thankful for days like today cool with a nice breezy it was just to beautiful outside so whats a girl to do? well I throw on my favorite floral outfit and paraded around taking pictures and drinking cold lemon water with my best friend lol. In my mind sometimes  the best way to wear floral is to add more floral and that's exactly what I did. if you been reading my blog for a while now you know I have a really unhealthy love for floral. I think it's because I love the 90's so much and in my mind the 90's was revolutionary right? what do you think?. I mean style or should I say personal style back then was amazing right?? So anytime I see anything floral I have to have it lol so why not throw on some floral and have a party!

What do you think about my 90's floral party and how would you have styled this look??
 p.s. I did use that necklace as a belt lol ( I'm just too cool for school )

Tuesday, May 21

Keep it simple with a dash of different

top: thrift store| dress (wore as a skirt)similar| hat: cotton on (similar)| necklace ,arm party, and earrings: thrift store & charlotte russe| booties( not in picture) target 

Hi guys I want to say I'm sorry for now posting, I've been super busy with life and trying to come up with amazing content and refining my ideas for the blog. in all the chaos I found or should I say stalked my new blogger crush!! shes amazing and shes been really inspiring me lately, that post will be coming out later this week so keep an eye out. So lets get down to this outfit shall we? first this outfit is one of my favorites because it's so loud and in your face, I mean just look at the print! When I found this shirt at the thrift store I fell head over heels in love it reminds me of versace, tyga,and the 90's all rolled up into one lol. I'm a huge fan of wearing clothes that make you happy and not caring what people think but that's "easier said then done" right? I get the looks and because I live in a small town where no one is allowed to be their selves I had to break the rules. And being that I'm the style outlaw it's my job to do just that! wear pieces that most people wouldn't dream of wearing and walking around while people laugh and stare and sometimes give me really rude looks but hey if we lived our lives for others we wouldn't ever be happy. right? right so this is my take on the whole be different but keep it simple/classic look. what do you guys think?

p.s. sorry there not a whole a lot of pictures I'm really trying to be better at posing and find the right spot to take pictures. It's on the to do list.

Wednesday, May 15


hat: cotton on similar|vest:similar (I also love this one similar)| top: similar| dress worn as a skirt similar| boots:similar|earrings & necklace & belt: thrift store and  charlotte russe

Hi guys I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday but I will be posting again today!! I'm always happy to post lol. I hope that didn't come of as conceited lol but I love sharing and this blog helps me to get everything out. so lets get into this post! I personally love this outfit because it a little menswear mixed with a little miloveda wear. (by the way it's a style). So why is it a little menswear you ask? well I'm wearing is a little boys shirt yes! a little boys shirt (guess I should be glad that I'm kinda flat chested lol) and the skirt is actually a dress. I find this dress really hard to style it because it's kinda of a weird length so I hardly wear it, so I thought it would be a great time to break her out since it was really hot out and when I don't know what to wear in these hot and sticky Florida weather I throw on a dress. what do you guys wear when it get way too hot??

p.s.Can you tell that this shirt is my favorite?? I'm kinda in love with it, I'm (lol)ing at all these silly faces I'm making in these pictures idk what I was thinking about lol.

Friday, May 10

Style a color Friday

jacket: nasty gal (simialr)|top: charlotte russe (simialr)| pants: forever 21 (simialr)| shoes: pac sun (simialr)| necklace: thrift store | earrings: thrift store

Hi guys sorry about not posting yesterday, I'm still trying to come up with a blog schedule so it will be a few  more days but hang in there. I also said that I was starting  bring style a color Fridays again and this will be my very first Friday and I'm so excited!! This will be a recurring series on the blog. Last week I was sitting on my bed listing to music and planning outfit for the week and I saw this blue jacket that I bought from nasty gal a couple of months ago which I never got a chance to wear because of the weather here, so I thought spring would be a great time to wear it and mind you I didn't know it was going to be boiling hot this day so I was burning up lol. I just don't get Florida weather anymore I give up. I really wanted the jacket to stand out because it's a bright blue color, so I wore all black and added some gold. So how would you guys style the color blue?? I had fun with this color and next's weeks color will be more spring time appropriate how you guys have a fun weekend.