Monday, March 11

Keeping it simple

                  {dress:charlotte russe/vest:urban outfitters/bag:thifted/shoes:target/beanie:cotton on}

Hi my fashionable people I know its been a hot minute since I last posted but have no fear I'm back with a post and a little rant lol.  It's really hard trying to finding someone to take pictures of my outfit everyday so I'm going to invest in a tripod and you know what that means more post!! and hopefully a better background. question I'm I the only one who hates going through the pictures for a post?? I don't know about you guys but I'm not good at taking pictures at all ( I laugh and smile a lot) and it doesn't help when people are driving by and looking at me and thinking like "What the hell is she doing" I mean can I live?? lol but I guess it comes with being a blogger. So I'm really trying to get better at this thing,now lets get to the outfit If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram then you know I love the 90's with my whole heart lol I mean who doesn't?? and When I saw this dress I lost it. It's not only cute and has a cut out in the back and short and spring/summer ready it reminds me of the 90's so I had to buy it and as you guys already know I'm a big fan of keeping my outfit simple so that's what I did. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and tell me whats your favorite part of the 90's

p.s. sorry about the long paragraph I had a lot to say.