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Blogger Spotlight | Missy from Pop of Style

Hi my fashionable people!! I want you guys to meet one of my style crushes Missy from Pop of style, I have been reading her blog for sometime now and I'm having a full on style crush. Not only is she stylish and gorgeous, she has shown me that you can be stylish with out trying.  I mean look at her outfits! Do you see what I'm talking about?? not only is she a pro at mixing prints and patterns. She is just one fabulous stylish sweet blogger. A couple of months ago I started thinking of a way to share all of my favorite bloggers with you guys and that's how blogger spotlight was born, So lets get started. I asked Missy a few questions and here are her answers.

1. How do you describe your style?
  Missy:I would describe my style as classic with a preppy edge. I love to combine timeless staples with pieces that express the fun side of my personality. I love to play with color and mix prints! 

2. What are your closet staples?
  Missy:My closet staples include great statement making flats, classic riding boots, blazers, pearls, over-sized watches, colorful yet classic button down shirts and skinny-fitting jeans/pants! 

3. Who are your style icons?
  Missy:Too many to name! :) I'm inspired by so many stylish women- Olivia Palermo is probably my favorite of all; Taylor Tomasi Hill, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, Zoe Saldana, and Kate Middleton are also some of my favorites! I love the way that each of these women combine completely different pieces and have the knack for combining them to create a style that is uniquely their own!

 4. Who or what inspired you to start a blog?
   Missy:I've been thinking about starting a blog for about 5 years now and it took my taking a course for my Masters two years ago to finally figure out how to work the technicalities of the website/blog itself! I've always loved the art of creating an outfit that fits someone's unique style and looking through fashion magazines has been a hobby of mine since I was small. I've always wanted to be able to find my own way of creating and expanding upon my own personal style and that's truly what blogging has done for me. It's been a long, sometimes rough, yet truly fulfilling and rewarding experience that I wouldn't change for the world!

5. How has blogging changed your life? 
   Missy :Since I started blogging almost two years ago I've found out a lot about myself. Through blogging, I've really found my passion and something I honestly look forward to working on every single day. Blogging has been my outlet for stress, creativity, and while doing so I've found that I've gained even more passion, drive, and confidence within myself. You don't realize it at first but the hidden payoffs often can be found in the support you gain from the community; writers/bloggers like you that share your passion and encourage you with every step!

6.What is the story behind your blog name?
  Missy :"Pop Of Style" was a name I decided on after throwing around what seemed to be about a million of ideas! When I started to blog, I originally wanted to combine my two loves- fitness and fashion by posting outfit ideas with a fitness/health tidbit on the bottom. After awhile, I decided to focus on outfits and trends! I used "pop" to signify how color, prints, or a statement piece can make an outfit pop. I wanted my blog name to be simple and catchy! 

7.In your own words what does fashion mean to you?
 Missy :I always loved the quote "Fashion is what is offered to us four times a year; style is what you pick out of that fashion." - Lauren Hutton To me, style is more important than fashion, because style makes a person unique. Fashion trends are certainly not made for everybody or every body. It's those personal touches that brings a person's sense of style together and makes it unique and identifiable.

8.Do you have an advice for a new blogger??
 Missy :My advice for a new blogger would be to keep posting regularly and stay true to your style- this is the only way to maintain your brand's integrity and to gain followers that actually mean something and who will be there for you. What you put into it is definitely what you're going to get out of the experience! Also, supporting others means a lot! In a world where it seems like bloggers are a dime a dozen, it's nice to know that there are people out there who support you and it is so important for you to support them as well. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Can you tell how excited?? I'm so happy that I got to have her on the blog. and don't forget to go check her out here. All the pictures are from Missy's blog.


  1. Wow I loveeee your pink outfit! Great blog and thank you SO much for stopping by mine and leaving a comment.

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    1. Your welcome love your blog!, the pink outfit isn't mine its Missy's from pop of style

  2. Such a great post! Love her style :)
    And "I've always wanted to be able to find my own way of creating and expanding upon my own personal style and that's truly what blogging has done for me." I so agree with that statement!

    1. I know what missy said is so true having style and knowing about fashion are too different things and she really blow my mind in how she thinks. lol

  3. Beautiful!! Love all the outfits...Love her advice for new bloggers


    1. yea their beautiful and i love her advice to new bloggers

  4. Very cool bloggers!

  5. omg i thought she was Kristen Wiig from the movie Bridesmaids! Loving her outfits!!

    1. Does she really?? I've never seen it lol,and her outfit are crazy good.

  6. I love those pink pants. Such great style. Thanks for posting the different looks and feel free to drop by us too when you have time.

  7. Great post.

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  8. She has amazing style, I love those camo trousers :)



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