Tuesday, January 29

Party like it's 1992

             shirt: goodwill/leather pants/shoes: target/necklace: goodwill/hat: cotton on/bag: vintage coach  

Hi my fashionable people I wanted to post this because you guys are my friends and today I turned 21!!! I had such a great day hanging out with my best friend Anne, I'm so blessed to her and all the people I love in my life. So how does it feel to be a year old?? I have no clue, I'm sure people my age party and go to clubs on their birthday but I'm spending my time home and chilling out lol. I was never into partying but if you guys go tonight dance for the both of us lol I know I sound like such a loser but it's just how I'm lol well thank you guys reading and have a blessed day. Miloveda

Monday, January 28

Hi there

                Dress/Charlotte russe/diy chambray shirt/goodwill/shoes/target/bag/cotton on/hat/rainbow/earrings/forever21

  Oh hey my fashionable people, I know I haven't been around for a couple of weeks but I'm back. I know I always say this but I'm sorry for not being a good blogger to you guys. And I'm sorry that my first post back are these night pictures but they are all I had so, I hope you guys love them. But I really wanted to say thank you to all of you guys who have been a part of this blog from the start, I'm so thankful for everyone one of you. I want to give you a little update on what I have been working on in 2013 there will be a big change to the blog from the look and the way  I will be running the blog don't freak out I'm not quitting or anything I'm just going to try and post more during the week, I will be updating you guys more in a later post.