Wednesday, July 17

A shirt as a dress?

shirt: cotton on (similar in jacket form)| dress: thrift store ( similar)| belt: target (similar)| boots: target (similar)| necklace & earrings : thrift store & charlotte russe

Hey! lets face it I'm short! How short you ask? about '5'0 but I lie and say that  I'm '5'1. Whats the  difference you ask? it's not a big difference at all I just really like the sound of '5'1 better. If your going to lie, Lie about your age, your height, and your weight (well ask any woman).  the truth is all short women  secretly wish they were taller.  I would be lying is I said that I love being short all the time, It's a pain when you can't see above others and sometime people think I'm a kid but the truth is if I was taller I wouldn't be able to wear my shirt as dress like I'm doing here. Don't worry guys I'm wearing a dress underneath lol, I'm short not crazy and even though I'm short I still feel really uncomfortable out in public if my clothes are too short, Is that just me? But let me ask this question is your could change your height would you? I don't think I would now but five years ago I would have.

Monday, July 15

Blogger Spotlight! Chelsea & The City

Hi guys I'm back with another blogger spotlight! lets get down to the basics shall we? Her name is Chelsea and she is the writer behind one of my new favorite Life + Style blog's "Chelsea & The City" where she writes and documents her life with her "little family" and her personal style. Speaking about personal style! isn't she stylish?? If you've been along time reader of Style Outlaw then you guys know I'm a huge fan of the simple and effortless style and that's how Chelsea dresses "in my humble option". She has a very classic style with a twist, she always adds a little something different to each outfit. And lets not forget little Miss Lorelai, who is just the cutest plus she has the best style! So about a month ago I emailed Chelsea and asked her a few questions about blogging and about herself and her blog. But before we get into the Q+A here are some facts about her.

Fun Facts
-She's a huge fan of J crew ( but I mean who isn't)
-She loves the Gilmore Girls
-Loves prints ( But pot a dots are her favorite)
-She loves anything gold
-Long walks, loves spending time with Lorelai and Mr. Jackson
-And making Lists

 Q &A with Chelsea & The City

1.How do you describe your style?
I would describe my style as 'ever-evolving'. Lately I've been gravitating towards preppier pieces and embracing color & pattern. There's always room to grow and change your image, that's what I love about fashion!

2.What are some of your closet staples?
Statement necklaces, pointed-toe heels, black and white stripes and dark-wash skinnies are all staple pieces in my wardrobe. And leather leggings! Leather leggings are the perfect solution for chasing a toddler and looking chic at the same time.

3.Who are your style icons and How have they inspired you?
I'm most inspired by other bloggers! Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, Rachel Parcell from The Pink Peonies and Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane are all daily reads and major style inspirations. I relate most to their style because (unlike celebrity looks) I can actually replicate what I see. Olivia Palermo is fabulous at mixing designer pieces with affordable fashion and I'm obsessed with her style!

4.Who or What inspired you to start a blog?
I started my blog almost 2 years ago, when my daughter was still a newborn, as an outlet to channel all of the creative energy that was building up while I was transitioning into being a stay-at-home mom. I love that Chelsea & The City has turned into a space where I can share everything that strikes my fancy!

5.How has blogging changed your life?
Blogging has allowed me to really honor myself and explore what truly makes me happy. There's a momentum of positivity in my life that's a direct result from spending each day discovering what I love. There's a quote about doing what you love meaning never having to work a day in your life and blogging is something I really love doing.

6.How did you come up with your blog name?
'Chelsea & The City' was more of a gut feeling than a long process to figure out a name. It popped into my head the first time I thought about trying my hand at blogging. The 'Chelsea' part is obviously my name and '& The City' probably comes from my love of Sex and The City. It's funny, as I spend more time recapping each day on my laptop I feel more and more like Carrie Bradshaw!

7. Do you think it's better to have style or be fashionable?
I think "style" is something innate. Whether or not it's what's in fashion at the time, every person has their own style. Discovering what makes you feel and look your best, or your personal style journey, is so much more rewarding and fun than following what designers or magazine editors dictate as "fashionable". This is why I never introduce Chelsea & The City as a 'fashion blog'. I'm definitely a style blogger.

8.Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Although I consider myself a fairly new blogger (I've only been posting consistently and interacting with my readers since New Years), it's important to know and live your brand. Sit down and really decide what you want for your blog, what you love, what appeals to you visually and then embrace it. The other thing I would urge you to do is really get involved and interact with your readers! Whether you have 10,000 readers or 10, take the time to reply to every comment and let them know how grateful you are for the support. 9 times out of 10 it's the people that I see commenting everyday that keep me going and inspired to blog!  

p.s. I really had a great time talking to Chelsea and I want to thank her for emailing me back and answering my questions and being so nice.I hope you guys enjoyed this post and go check her out on instagram  and on chelseaandthecity go follow her blog! I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Monday, July 1


 dress: cotton on (similar)| shirt: thrift store| belt: thrift store| boots: target (similar)| bag: thrift store(similar)

Hey, guys I had planned to post this outfit for Friday but didn't get around to it. Why? I have no idea! If you've been reading style outlaw for a while you may or may not notice that my style is kinda all over the places, I mean can anyone really define their personal style?? can you even define personal style at all?? but before I go any further let me give you a little back story....I went to an interview a couple weeks ago and one of the questions I was asked was to define my style. I think I gave her a crazy look because this was a tough question to answer. I mean I think of my self or should I say style like a math formula you can't really define it but you can break it down. So let me break it down for the world (lol) Think of Solange's love of bold and daring 90's prints now add some Nicole Richie's cool yet easy boho feel and slap all that with some of Adam Levine's cool, laid back rocker vibes with a dash of whatever I'm feeling that day. See I don't think personal style should be defined at all we are who we are and that's that. So tell me what do you guys think can you define your own personal style or is it just me?

Tuesday, June 25

Throw a blazer on it

 dress: cotton on (similar)| blazer: forever 21 old (similar)| bag: thrift store (I like this one)| earrings:body shop super old| necklace and bracelet: thrift store

Hi guys I'm here with a the look of the day, to explain this day/outfit would only lead me to a rant..long store short I hate when my time get's wasted. ugh, but what can you do? The best part of this day was I got to spend time with one of my best friend. we've got to talking about some major life changing decisions happing this up coming year for the both of us ( more to come on some of my decisions soon) I'm so glad I got to spend time with her because I've missed her a lot. After much needed best friend time I came home me and had some sister time and planed out the rest of the week. Ok so enough talk about me lets talk about this outfit, So let talk about this outfit I'm in love with the color black ( I own way too much of it) and this dress has to be the most comfortable thing I own, it's super simple and affordable (it was $5). But I wanted to add a little sometime more so I threw on this cute little color blocked blazer and dressed it up a bit, it added an instant chicness. I also added some gold pieces and a bright bag and I love a dark lipstick.Why not?? So what is you favorite tips and tricks to make something simple and comfortable to a whole other level?? p.s. I'm still trying to find better places to take pictures.

Wednesday, May 22

Floral Party

hat: cotton on (similar)|shirt: thrift store (similar)| dress:gift:wore as a skirt (similar)|belt: thrift store| booties: target (similar)

Hi guys, If your anything like me then your in love with warm weather, blue sky, and fresh air, growing up in  Florida I'm to use to hot and humid days and sticky nights. but  I'm thankful for days like today cool with a nice breezy it was just to beautiful outside so whats a girl to do? well I throw on my favorite floral outfit and paraded around taking pictures and drinking cold lemon water with my best friend lol. In my mind sometimes  the best way to wear floral is to add more floral and that's exactly what I did. if you been reading my blog for a while now you know I have a really unhealthy love for floral. I think it's because I love the 90's so much and in my mind the 90's was revolutionary right? what do you think?. I mean style or should I say personal style back then was amazing right?? So anytime I see anything floral I have to have it lol so why not throw on some floral and have a party!

What do you think about my 90's floral party and how would you have styled this look??
 p.s. I did use that necklace as a belt lol ( I'm just too cool for school )

Tuesday, May 21

Keep it simple with a dash of different

top: thrift store| dress (wore as a skirt)similar| hat: cotton on (similar)| necklace ,arm party, and earrings: thrift store & charlotte russe| booties( not in picture) target 

Hi guys I want to say I'm sorry for now posting, I've been super busy with life and trying to come up with amazing content and refining my ideas for the blog. in all the chaos I found or should I say stalked my new blogger crush!! shes amazing and shes been really inspiring me lately, that post will be coming out later this week so keep an eye out. So lets get down to this outfit shall we? first this outfit is one of my favorites because it's so loud and in your face, I mean just look at the print! When I found this shirt at the thrift store I fell head over heels in love it reminds me of versace, tyga,and the 90's all rolled up into one lol. I'm a huge fan of wearing clothes that make you happy and not caring what people think but that's "easier said then done" right? I get the looks and because I live in a small town where no one is allowed to be their selves I had to break the rules. And being that I'm the style outlaw it's my job to do just that! wear pieces that most people wouldn't dream of wearing and walking around while people laugh and stare and sometimes give me really rude looks but hey if we lived our lives for others we wouldn't ever be happy. right? right so this is my take on the whole be different but keep it simple/classic look. what do you guys think?

p.s. sorry there not a whole a lot of pictures I'm really trying to be better at posing and find the right spot to take pictures. It's on the to do list.

Wednesday, May 15


hat: cotton on similar|vest:similar (I also love this one similar)| top: similar| dress worn as a skirt similar| boots:similar|earrings & necklace & belt: thrift store and  charlotte russe

Hi guys I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday but I will be posting again today!! I'm always happy to post lol. I hope that didn't come of as conceited lol but I love sharing and this blog helps me to get everything out. so lets get into this post! I personally love this outfit because it a little menswear mixed with a little miloveda wear. (by the way it's a style). So why is it a little menswear you ask? well I'm wearing is a little boys shirt yes! a little boys shirt (guess I should be glad that I'm kinda flat chested lol) and the skirt is actually a dress. I find this dress really hard to style it because it's kinda of a weird length so I hardly wear it, so I thought it would be a great time to break her out since it was really hot out and when I don't know what to wear in these hot and sticky Florida weather I throw on a dress. what do you guys wear when it get way too hot??

p.s.Can you tell that this shirt is my favorite?? I'm kinda in love with it, I'm (lol)ing at all these silly faces I'm making in these pictures idk what I was thinking about lol.

Friday, May 10

Style a color Friday

jacket: nasty gal (simialr)|top: charlotte russe (simialr)| pants: forever 21 (simialr)| shoes: pac sun (simialr)| necklace: thrift store | earrings: thrift store

Hi guys sorry about not posting yesterday, I'm still trying to come up with a blog schedule so it will be a few  more days but hang in there. I also said that I was starting  bring style a color Fridays again and this will be my very first Friday and I'm so excited!! This will be a recurring series on the blog. Last week I was sitting on my bed listing to music and planning outfit for the week and I saw this blue jacket that I bought from nasty gal a couple of months ago which I never got a chance to wear because of the weather here, so I thought spring would be a great time to wear it and mind you I didn't know it was going to be boiling hot this day so I was burning up lol. I just don't get Florida weather anymore I give up. I really wanted the jacket to stand out because it's a bright blue color, so I wore all black and added some gold. So how would you guys style the color blue?? I had fun with this color and next's weeks color will be more spring time appropriate how you guys have a fun weekend.

Monday, March 11

Keeping it simple

                  {dress:charlotte russe/vest:urban outfitters/bag:thifted/shoes:target/beanie:cotton on}

Hi my fashionable people I know its been a hot minute since I last posted but have no fear I'm back with a post and a little rant lol.  It's really hard trying to finding someone to take pictures of my outfit everyday so I'm going to invest in a tripod and you know what that means more post!! and hopefully a better background. question I'm I the only one who hates going through the pictures for a post?? I don't know about you guys but I'm not good at taking pictures at all ( I laugh and smile a lot) and it doesn't help when people are driving by and looking at me and thinking like "What the hell is she doing" I mean can I live?? lol but I guess it comes with being a blogger. So I'm really trying to get better at this thing,now lets get to the outfit If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram then you know I love the 90's with my whole heart lol I mean who doesn't?? and When I saw this dress I lost it. It's not only cute and has a cut out in the back and short and spring/summer ready it reminds me of the 90's so I had to buy it and as you guys already know I'm a big fan of keeping my outfit simple so that's what I did. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and tell me whats your favorite part of the 90's

p.s. sorry about the long paragraph I had a lot to say.

Wednesday, February 20

Hippie Baby??

                    jacket/skirt:thrift store/band tees: hot topic/booties:target/rings: body shop/turban: cotton on

Hi my fashionable people!! I posting today I know two post in one week whats gotten into me you ask?? well I was inspired. You guys don't know this about me but I've always wanted to be a hippie! growing up I have always heard about Woodstock and music festivals and I've always said if I could go back in time and go to anything it would be to Woodstock and a nirvana concert . Like my last post I'm wearing another band tee, I really like pairing something rock with something more laid back. This may or may not be my last band tee post.Well I hope you guys enjoyed.

Tuesday, February 19

Blogger Spotlight | Margo from Classroom Couture

Hi my fashionable people I want you guys to meet one of my style crushes Margo from Classroom Couture. She has an amazing scene of style and her shoe game is crazy!! lol I'm not even going to lie to you guys I was smitten after going through her instagram pictures I knew I need to go and check out her blog and after reading her blog. I knew that I was have a full on style crush on Margo, I really enjoy her personal style and her blog, I mean look at her do you know any teacher's aides who dress like her?? Well now you do. Being a fan of hers, I really wanted to email her and asked a few questions about being a blogger and Margo was kind enough to answer them all for us. lets get started!!!

1. How do you describe your style?
  Margo:I would describe my style as classic chic with a hint of prep.

2.What are your closet staples?
  Margo:Closet staples are a black boyfriend blazer, white button-down, leopard accessories {clutch and belt}, dark skinny jeans, LBD {not only little black dress but a little BRIGHT dress too}, pearl earrings, a high waisted pencil skirt, nude pumps.  My staples are pretty basic but I guess that's why they are my staples :)

3. Who are your style icons?
  Margo: My style icons are Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo.

4. Who or what inspired you to start a blog?
  Margo: The inspiration to start Classroom Couture came to me one day on my drive to work. I was listening to the radio and they had a poll question:

"Real estate agents are said to be the best dressed professionals.  We surveyed people to find what professionals they find to be the worst dressed."  Guess who they voted the worst dressed professionals?  Teachers!?!  I immediately knew I needed to set the record straight and maybe offer some ideas for looking stylish and professional in the classroom.

5. How has blogging changed your life?
  Margo:Blogging has certainly had a positive impact on my life. It's a creative outlet for me and gives me a place the fashion community. I've also met some wonderful people and made some friends along the way.

6.What is the story behind your blog name?
 Margo:Coming up with a name for my blog was pretty easy as a teacher {classroom} who loves fashion {couture}. I also enjoy alliterations so the choice was obvious!

7.In your own words what does fashion mean to you?
 Margo: Fashion to me is not only a way to express myself but it is truly a form of art.  I knew I was artistically inclined form an very young age. Not pursuing my talent after high school was a regret of mine for a while. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate art into my every day life. The blog has allowed me to do just that.  The way I dress is an artistic expression of my personality.

8.Do you have an advice for a new blogger??
 Margo: My best advice to a new blogger {and I still consider myself a fairly new blogger} is stick with it!  There have been many times when I get discouraged or overwhelmed {or hate the way I look in my pictures} and want to give up. I just quickly think of the satisfaction of producing a great post, and that gives me the strength to push on. Reader comments are very inspiring too. Another piece of advice ~ don't go into blogging thinking you're going to make money. Do it because you love it and think any money you make as an added bonus!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.You guys should go check out her blog here. p.s. all of the above pictures are from Margo's blog. 

Tuesday, February 12

I want to be a rocker!

            Cotton on{beanie}//Pacsun{plaid shirt//UO{vest}// Hot topic{band tee}//Pacsun{Jeans}//Target{booties}
Hi my fashionable people how have you guys been?? If you didn't know I have a deep and powerful love for music,but not just any type I'm taking about BANDS!!! Being a really shy person people don't understand me so for years I really didn't have friends.But when I was in about seventh grade I was introduced to Green Day and I was hooked! I mean they understood me,OK what does me being a kid have anything to do with this post you ask?? this is my new updated look on my new favorite band tees. How do you guys like to wear your band tees?? One more thing do you guys remember style a color Fridays well I'm bring it back  the color for style a color Friday is blue.

Wednesday, February 6

Blogger Spotlight | Missy from Pop of Style

Hi my fashionable people!! I want you guys to meet one of my style crushes Missy from Pop of style, I have been reading her blog for sometime now and I'm having a full on style crush. Not only is she stylish and gorgeous, she has shown me that you can be stylish with out trying.  I mean look at her outfits! Do you see what I'm talking about?? not only is she a pro at mixing prints and patterns. She is just one fabulous stylish sweet blogger. A couple of months ago I started thinking of a way to share all of my favorite bloggers with you guys and that's how blogger spotlight was born, So lets get started. I asked Missy a few questions and here are her answers.

1. How do you describe your style?
  Missy:I would describe my style as classic with a preppy edge. I love to combine timeless staples with pieces that express the fun side of my personality. I love to play with color and mix prints! 

2. What are your closet staples?
  Missy:My closet staples include great statement making flats, classic riding boots, blazers, pearls, over-sized watches, colorful yet classic button down shirts and skinny-fitting jeans/pants! 

3. Who are your style icons?
  Missy:Too many to name! :) I'm inspired by so many stylish women- Olivia Palermo is probably my favorite of all; Taylor Tomasi Hill, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, Zoe Saldana, and Kate Middleton are also some of my favorites! I love the way that each of these women combine completely different pieces and have the knack for combining them to create a style that is uniquely their own!

 4. Who or what inspired you to start a blog?
   Missy:I've been thinking about starting a blog for about 5 years now and it took my taking a course for my Masters two years ago to finally figure out how to work the technicalities of the website/blog itself! I've always loved the art of creating an outfit that fits someone's unique style and looking through fashion magazines has been a hobby of mine since I was small. I've always wanted to be able to find my own way of creating and expanding upon my own personal style and that's truly what blogging has done for me. It's been a long, sometimes rough, yet truly fulfilling and rewarding experience that I wouldn't change for the world!

5. How has blogging changed your life? 
   Missy :Since I started blogging almost two years ago I've found out a lot about myself. Through blogging, I've really found my passion and something I honestly look forward to working on every single day. Blogging has been my outlet for stress, creativity, and while doing so I've found that I've gained even more passion, drive, and confidence within myself. You don't realize it at first but the hidden payoffs often can be found in the support you gain from the community; writers/bloggers like you that share your passion and encourage you with every step!

6.What is the story behind your blog name?
  Missy :"Pop Of Style" was a name I decided on after throwing around what seemed to be about a million of ideas! When I started to blog, I originally wanted to combine my two loves- fitness and fashion by posting outfit ideas with a fitness/health tidbit on the bottom. After awhile, I decided to focus on outfits and trends! I used "pop" to signify how color, prints, or a statement piece can make an outfit pop. I wanted my blog name to be simple and catchy! 

7.In your own words what does fashion mean to you?
 Missy :I always loved the quote "Fashion is what is offered to us four times a year; style is what you pick out of that fashion." - Lauren Hutton To me, style is more important than fashion, because style makes a person unique. Fashion trends are certainly not made for everybody or every body. It's those personal touches that brings a person's sense of style together and makes it unique and identifiable.

8.Do you have an advice for a new blogger??
 Missy :My advice for a new blogger would be to keep posting regularly and stay true to your style- this is the only way to maintain your brand's integrity and to gain followers that actually mean something and who will be there for you. What you put into it is definitely what you're going to get out of the experience! Also, supporting others means a lot! In a world where it seems like bloggers are a dime a dozen, it's nice to know that there are people out there who support you and it is so important for you to support them as well. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Can you tell how excited?? I'm so happy that I got to have her on the blog. and don't forget to go check her out here. All the pictures are from Missy's blog.