Wednesday, November 28

leather pants

What I have on
leather pants: target (not real leather and on sale for 12.99)
both shrits: Diy/thirfted(goodwill)
earrings:charlotte russe
     Hi fashionable people first let me say I'm very sorry for not being able to post, I'm a bad blogger! But I will be today yea! one my best friends Anne took pictures of me today that's why I'm posting. So I have a few updates I'm bring back style a color Fridays starting this Friday if you guys want to be apart of it you can tweet me or send me an email. I will be tweeting the color Thursday. Now for the other big new I made an instagram and you guys can go follow me now lol there will be a link on the blog. I really hope you guys are having a wonderful week, hope you enjoyed this post and  have a blessed day,Miloveda