Tuesday, June 12

Summer wishing

Summer wishing....

Summer wishing is all about the pieces that i'm in love with  at the moment. As you can see i'm in love with these under water/ sea skirts they are my must have for summer and i will find them but for less. I'm a fan of basic pieces i'm always on the hut for inexpressive shirts. they just so happen to be my wardrobe staples. But and don't let me get started on these earrings i'm so in love with this pair. their so simple and elegant. I would style them with a pair of jeans a white v-neck and black flats and a satchel you say "CHIC". My  favorite buy would have to be the flats. if you know one thing about me is that i'm a huge fan of black shoes. I can never have enough black shoes in my closet, I try and keep my shoes really simple. I try and keep summer a really simple season because who want to be dress up when you could be having fun. So what's on your summer wishing?? Have a bless day.Miloveda