Tuesday, June 19

Lets Talk.

Hi guy's I really wanted to write this post because being a new fashion  blogger is a little hard. Don't get me wrong I love be able to share my personal take on fashion but their are time I second guess myself not only on style, but my blog and everything.The reason I stared this blog because I wanted  to show everyone that you don't need alot of money to be fashionable.I want to show my readers how a broke college student find high end look a likes pieces and how I styles everything, now bare with me i'm going to try and update this blog as much as possible. P.S. thank you for reading. please feel free to comment and give me so ideas for some new style post. have a blessed day,Miloveda


  1. I second guess my blog all the time so don't feel bad! I love doing personal style posts to show my readers what I normally wear :)


  2. I sometimes second guess myself also! You're not alone but keep doing you!! xx


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