Saturday, June 30

The art of being simple

The art of being simple

Hi fashionable cuties I'm such a fan of simple dressing. As I have stated multiple times on here I'm in love with the color black. I own way more black then human should ever own and I feel the need to buy more so  here are my picks for summer. A basic black long sleeve shirt, a leather skirt, a black peplum skirt, and black wedge heels from I'm also in need of some basic shirts like white and nude, I know I've talked about these shoes before but I'm truly in love with these white heels from I have been staking their site for about  two months now and I head over heels in love with their shoe. I just had a fan girl moment (lol) OK so I need help!! but when you find a site like theirs what can you do but share.Go take a look for your selves.Well enough about my crazy unnatural love for their site I really do need new some basic pieces for my closet!! hope you guys enjoyed this post, Have a blessed day,Miloveda

Tuesday, June 26


Hi fashionable cuties, My two best friends came to hang out with me today and I took pictures with my friend Anne who I talked about in another post. It was so great hanging out with them, The three of us haven't hung out since high school I feel so old (lol), About the outfit everything I'm wearing is from the thrift store except the shoes and the arm party, and can you believe the bag is a real coach?? I got for $2.00 at a thrift store. I was so happy that I found it. But enough about me how are you guys doing ?? I hope you enjoyed this post, have a bless day,Miloveda 

style Look's

style Look's

Hi fashionable cuties, One of my favorite pieces has to be leather shorts  you can see you can dress them up or down. This night look is dressed up yet it's simple, I paired these shorts with a simple red shirt, a bright clutch, flats and chic earrings. I would wear this outfit out on a date or a night out with friends. The day look has to be my favorite because everything is black and the shoes stand out the most. I paired them with a simple black shirt, black earrings,and clutch and let these shoes stand out. I'm in love with these shoes so much. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. have a blessed day,Miloveda 

Friday, June 22

It's a White hot summer

It's a White hot summer

Hi fashionable cuties, I've never posted two times in one day but I have been stacking for a while now and I have to say they have some of the best shoes ever. One word Chic, not only do they sell amazing shoes that remind me of zara and topshop but they are alot less and these two are on my summer list. recently I  have had my eyes on both a white and nude blazers and white and nude shorts. I'm in need of  going shopping to find some similar ones for a lot far less. what do you guys have on your summer wish list?? i don't say this enough but Thanks guys so much for reading my blog. I hope you guys have a blessed day, Miloveda

Style look

Wearing:Shirt/thrift store,Jean/Old navy, belt/thrift store,heel/charlotte russe,bag/tj maxx,arm party &necklaces/thrift store/charlotte russe

Hi guys I finally get to show you guys a look at my personal style,I love this big floral shirt that I paired with jeans, black heels, and this black quilted bag. had so much fun shooting but it was so hot out to day so I tried to keep everything light. I hope all of these picture aren't too much. I'm also loving this color on my nails.I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 21

Style Outlaw

Style Outlaw

Hi fashionable cuties, How was your day so far?? Well I wanted to do a personal style post but couldn't because well I had to where to go. So why get all dressed up?? I know you guys want to see how i would dress everyday! Well Friday you will finally see because i'm going to do a post on my everyday wear.I hope it doesn't rain! As you have heard before I think boyfriend jeans are perfect for summer but yet to find a pair  that are not only affordable but that fit great so I'm on the hut. But back to this look I lie in Florida and it gets really hot here so I'm always looking for simple yet chic pieces to stay cool but also stylish in the summer heat.  I'm a fan of having basic pieces and investing in shoes, blazers,bags and jewelry  to play up your look. So this look is an outfit I would wear almost everyday if I could (lo). I hope you guys have a blessed day,Miloveda

Tuesday, June 19

Lets Talk.

Hi guy's I really wanted to write this post because being a new fashion  blogger is a little hard. Don't get me wrong I love be able to share my personal take on fashion but their are time I second guess myself not only on style, but my blog and everything.The reason I stared this blog because I wanted  to show everyone that you don't need alot of money to be fashionable.I want to show my readers how a broke college student find high end look a likes pieces and how I styles everything, now bare with me i'm going to try and update this blog as much as possible. P.S. thank you for reading. please feel free to comment and give me so ideas for some new style post. have a blessed day,Miloveda

Saturday, June 16

I'm fly

I'm fly like a man

Hi guys  as you can see I think I'm fly (lol) I have always wanted to dress like a guy, I have fallen in love with  mans wear. They dress so simple yet sexy, I have become a fan of  boyfriend jeans. You can dress them up or down with a pair of heels or some neon green high tops like this post, I also think every girl needs a black blazer. It's taken me a year and a half to find the right one and when you find the right one you'll know, like boyfriend jeans you can also dress them up or down with a bright dress, heels, and clutch or jeans, a rocker tee, flats,and a tote . I can't say enough about these neon green high tops their my pick of the year their too die for and I would paired them with very simple pieces so they can stand out...I hope to create this look for less. I hope you guys have a blessed day,Miloveda

Wednesday, June 13

Gypsy Warrior

Hi guys have you heard about gypsy warrior?? well their shop is great, I have been staking their site for a while now and I have to say that everything on their site is my dream closet. If your like me a want to be hippie or you just love shopping then you will love their shop, I love their jewelry who I'm i kidding I love their whole site and I would love to buy every single pieces of their jewelry aka bracelets because I'm crazy about arm parties..Well enough about my strange love for their site go and see for yourselves at so go crazy and shop til you drop have a blessed day.Miloveda

Tuesday, June 12

Summer wishing

Summer wishing....

Summer wishing is all about the pieces that i'm in love with  at the moment. As you can see i'm in love with these under water/ sea skirts they are my must have for summer and i will find them but for less. I'm a fan of basic pieces i'm always on the hut for inexpressive shirts. they just so happen to be my wardrobe staples. But and don't let me get started on these earrings i'm so in love with this pair. their so simple and elegant. I would style them with a pair of jeans a white v-neck and black flats and a satchel you say "CHIC". My  favorite buy would have to be the flats. if you know one thing about me is that i'm a huge fan of black shoes. I can never have enough black shoes in my closet, I try and keep my shoes really simple. I try and keep summer a really simple season because who want to be dress up when you could be having fun. So what's on your summer wishing?? Have a bless day.Miloveda