Wednesday, April 11

Natural Hair

Hi guys it's Me...I know where have I been? I've been lazy(lol) but I have some great news I going NATURAL.I'm so happy because I've had my hair relaxed almost my whole life. But a few years ago my hair stated to become really damaged so I'd get hair cuts and that stared a cycle of breakage and hair cuts. After a while   even relaxers didn't help.My hair wouldn't grow there were times I would get mad and even cut my hair.But this past weekend I washed my hair and saw that my hair has already began going natural and that's when I decided that I would no longer get relaxer's,texturizer's,and use heating tools. I made a vow to no  longer damaged the hair that God has blessed me with.I wanted to let you guy's know what is going on in my life and I will try and  keep you guys up to date on my natural hair journey and more post's.Hope you guys have a bless day,Miloveda