Wednesday, November 28

leather pants

What I have on
leather pants: target (not real leather and on sale for 12.99)
both shrits: Diy/thirfted(goodwill)
earrings:charlotte russe
     Hi fashionable people first let me say I'm very sorry for not being able to post, I'm a bad blogger! But I will be today yea! one my best friends Anne took pictures of me today that's why I'm posting. So I have a few updates I'm bring back style a color Fridays starting this Friday if you guys want to be apart of it you can tweet me or send me an email. I will be tweeting the color Thursday. Now for the other big new I made an instagram and you guys can go follow me now lol there will be a link on the blog. I really hope you guys are having a wonderful week, hope you enjoyed this post and  have a blessed day,Miloveda

Thursday, October 25

Back in style

            Top(pacsun: on sale) Pants(forever21:old) shoes(pacsun:old)bag(thirft storie) hat(cotton on)
                                chocker(cotton on: sale)earrings(forever21:old)
Hi fashionable people I'm back!! I know I haven't been around much, there was so much going on I had to buy a new camera. then my laptop didn't want to work and I had no one to take pictures of me. So I bought a new camera and my best friend and I are going to be taking pictures of each other and we will also be making videos. you  know what that means more post's and videos! so keep an eye out for more new post. Miloveda

Thursday, August 30

Style a color Fridays

Hi fashionable people I have an idea it's called style a color Fridays, How does this work well let me tell you  it's for everyone who wants to be a part of it. All you would have to do is style an outfit based on the color that is picked for that Friday.Your chose your favorite picture and send it to me where it will be displayed on my blog. Your picture will be linked back to your blog. If you  have any questions please feel free to ask, I hope you guys can be a part of this new idea of mine. I hope you enjoy, stay blessed,Miloveda

Wednesday, August 29

Shop like you mean it.

Shop like you mean it.

Hi fashionable people how have you guys been? I know where have I been well I'm going to tell you school started and I just haven't had the time, but I'm back and I going to try to make this blog a weekly blog. I'm praying it works out.I'm going to be posting again on Friday because it's a very big day it's my sister's fourteen birthday,oh how they grow up lo. I hope she'll let me take pictures of her so you guys get to meet her.well lets get back to this post if i was a rich girl and had all the money in the world I would be out shopping lol but sadly I'm a poor college student  trying to shop on a budget sometimes it works other times it doesn't. But I'm trying to make it work but sometimes it gets hard maybe this is why I became a blogger because I wanted to show that you can look chic while saving money. So I say shop like you mean it  but remember don't go broke while doing it. I hope you enjoyed this post stay blessed,Miloveda

Friday, August 10

dress like you mean it

Wearing: blazer;bells outlet,top;kmart,skirt;target,necklace;thriftstore,earrings;thriftstore,shoe;charlotte russe,bag; thriftstore,armparty;thirftstore
Hi fashionable people today I was going to film the video but change of plans, I'll try to film and post the video by next week..I'm really sorry but you know how these things go, I got to take a few shot before coming home and here they are, my friends both said that I should be on pretty little liars  with this outfit on. what do you guys think?? well enough about me how was your tuesday?? hope you guys enjoyed this post. Stay blessed,Miloveda

Saturday, August 4

Inspiration diaries

      Hi fashionable people! I wanted to tell you all some great news, my friend Anne and I are teaming up to bring you guys a back to school video!were very excited because were going to be showing different looks and some styling tips on stuff you already have in your closet so keep an eye out. and these are just a few things that are inspiring me this week. Hope had a great weekend and don't forget to stay blessed,Miloveda

Close up's

Wearing: shirts:goodwill,shorts:goodwill,shoes: pacsun,belt: thrift store,bag: pacsun,

Hi fashionable cuties I'm back with this close up of this outfit, the bad part is I didn't take enough pictures of this outfit so these are just the close up's. I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a blessed day,Miloveda.

Wednesday, July 25

Date night

Date night

Hi fashionable cuties, I haven't been able to post but I'm back now with this style post. I wanted to show you this look because you can wear it for so many different places like to hang out with friends, on a date, and a night on the town. One word for this outfit summer, the colors are so bright and chic. This post has three of my favorite trends like color blocking, pastels, and simple dressing with a touch of sexy. I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a blessed day,Miloveda

Saturday, July 14

Good times

Wearing: shirt/k-mart/skirt/k-mart (Sofia Vergara)/shoes/Charlotte russe/ bag/target/hat/rainbow/arm party/thrift store/earrings/thrift store/jean jacket/thrift store

Hi fashionable cuties it's been a while since I've been able to post, My laptop broke and I have to buy a new one and I'm so sad...Let's take a moment of silence for my laptop (lol) but that laptop was my mom and she gave it to me, and I still haven't told her... I don't know if I'm going to be able all the time but I will try to when ever I can. My friend Tiffany came and she made me take these pictures and they came out so beautiful,I'm in love with these (lol). I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog it means so much to me and I'm so blessed that I get to be my self and have people who take time to read my though and like it lol. Thank you guys so much!! Well I hope you guys have a blessed day, with love Miloveda 

Friday, July 6


Wearing: shirt/thrift store/skirt/target/bag/goodwill/shoes&earrings&arm party/charlotte russe&thrift store/jean jacket/thrift sore

Hi fashionable cuties, I really love stripes and I have these two pieces that I would have never paired them together until now, I have to say that I love this outfit it's so me(lol). I really feel bad because the pictures aren't that nice because my camera sucks but I'm praying that I will be able to buy a better one soon. I really hoped you guys enjoy this post. have a bless day,Miloveda

P.s. If you guy want to follow me on twitter my name is @Miloveda

Inspiration diaries

Hi fashionable people I'm always being inspire by people, fashion,food,anything really I love tumblr because you get to see such amazging things.When ever i'm on I fall in love with fashion all over again thins are a few things that have inspire me hope they will inspire you too. hope you enjoy, and don't forget to have a blessed day. Miloveda

Saturday, June 30

The art of being simple

The art of being simple

Hi fashionable cuties I'm such a fan of simple dressing. As I have stated multiple times on here I'm in love with the color black. I own way more black then human should ever own and I feel the need to buy more so  here are my picks for summer. A basic black long sleeve shirt, a leather skirt, a black peplum skirt, and black wedge heels from I'm also in need of some basic shirts like white and nude, I know I've talked about these shoes before but I'm truly in love with these white heels from I have been staking their site for about  two months now and I head over heels in love with their shoe. I just had a fan girl moment (lol) OK so I need help!! but when you find a site like theirs what can you do but share.Go take a look for your selves.Well enough about my crazy unnatural love for their site I really do need new some basic pieces for my closet!! hope you guys enjoyed this post, Have a blessed day,Miloveda

Tuesday, June 26


Hi fashionable cuties, My two best friends came to hang out with me today and I took pictures with my friend Anne who I talked about in another post. It was so great hanging out with them, The three of us haven't hung out since high school I feel so old (lol), About the outfit everything I'm wearing is from the thrift store except the shoes and the arm party, and can you believe the bag is a real coach?? I got for $2.00 at a thrift store. I was so happy that I found it. But enough about me how are you guys doing ?? I hope you enjoyed this post, have a bless day,Miloveda 

style Look's

style Look's

Hi fashionable cuties, One of my favorite pieces has to be leather shorts  you can see you can dress them up or down. This night look is dressed up yet it's simple, I paired these shorts with a simple red shirt, a bright clutch, flats and chic earrings. I would wear this outfit out on a date or a night out with friends. The day look has to be my favorite because everything is black and the shoes stand out the most. I paired them with a simple black shirt, black earrings,and clutch and let these shoes stand out. I'm in love with these shoes so much. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. have a blessed day,Miloveda